To obtain a free library card you must live, work, or pay taxes in the town of Pound Ridge.

ID showing your current address is required.

Your Pound Ridge Library Card is honored at all Westchester public libraries

You must present your library card to check out any materials at any library.

If you work in Pound Ridge, but live in another Westchester community, you should obtain your library card from the community library where you live.

A patron may only have one card in the Westchester Library System.

Lost your card? No problem. Call the library, or use the form on this page, and we'll issue you a new one.

All Cards expire after approximately 3 years. The renewal process ensures that our records and patron contact information stay current. If your card isn't working, it's possibly expired. Call the library, or use the form on this page and we'll renew your card. 


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